How did SEOhdear come about?

Just as the (slightly terrible) name suggests, frustration can be an overwhelming emotion in marketing. Agencies aren’t cheap and the work, more often than not, isn’t easy to do your self.

On top of this, there’s a lot of contradicting information online about SEO and how to really make a difference to your search engine rankings.

This results in a lot of frustration and often the wrong actions being taken to really improve your website.

This is what got SEOhdear to raise its (slightly ugly) head out of the sand and start this blog/services website.

Respecting and caring for your clients is something that is often left out nowadays, respecting and caring for your client’s clients even more so, and respecting the platforms you use… forget about it!

This causes problems and these problems lead to headaches, stress and minor mental breakdowns.

As your partner when it comes to your online presence, we’re here to help!

The mission

Provide future-proof and data-backed SEO services that place your website visitors best interests back on top!

What is SEOhdear?

SEOhdear is an SEO/SEM blog and services agency who is here to support your business in striving towards its ultimate vision.

We do this by way of a blog where we focus on covering a vast range of topics in the field of SEO. This seemed like the best way for us to support an as large as possible group of entrepreneurs and businesses. Along with this, we offer SEO/SEM services to help clients reach their search engine goals even more effectively.

Please enjoy the site and if there are any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment or shoot us a message any time!

We would like to thank you for taking an interest in our company, we really appreciate your time.